New Variety Release

Premier Seed Nigeria Limited releases two new white Maize Hybrids (Oba Super 15 and Oba Super 17). These new varieties where release in collaboration with IITA and IAR at the just concluded 30th meeting of the National Variety Release Committee held on the 12th January 2022. The salient features of these varieties includes amongst others; High yield potentials of above 10tons/ha, good Nitrogen use efficiency, drought tolerant as well as Striga resistant. The deployment of these varieties to farmers across Nigeria will enhance their productivity per unit area and support food security in the long run.

A big congratulation to the mgt, of Premier Seeds, team of breeders and supporting scientists (S.O. Afolabi, A. O. Ogungbile, A. Menkir, M. Oyekunle, Ibitoye Oyewale, Silvestro Meseka, H. Mani, and I.S. Usman) for their contributions.

…….Seeding Nigeria to feed the Nation……..