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The Research and Development Department is led by a seasoned, highly trained breeder and supported by a team of Research Officers, Technicians and Assistants. It is involved in the development of market-winning products and collaborate with all International Research Systems (IITA, WARDA, ICRISAT) and National Research Systems especially those having national mandate for genetic improvement of crops and vegetables, such as IAR, IAR&T, NCRI, NIHORT and NGOs especially Sasakawa Global 2000 amongst others.



The Company has a 70 hectare Research Farm with irrigation facilities at Zaria, Nigeria. It is used for the multiplication of foundation seeds of our different crops and for the breeding of new maize inbred lines for the development of new hybrids.

The farm is also used for conducting the nationally coordinated trials involving the National Research Institutes and the International Research Institutes, particularly the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria which has been working collaboratively with the Company for over two decades. Other collaborating Research Institutes include; West African Rice Development Agency (WARDA); Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR), Zaria, Nigeria; National Cereal Research Institute (NCRI), Badeggi, Nigeria  and National Institutes for Horticultural Research (NIHORT), Ibadan, Nigeria. Other collaborating institutions are shown in Annex-1



Premier Seeds has developed its own proprietary varieties, including three maize hybrids that have been released and registered by the National Variety Release Committee in Nigeria and which are suitably and ecologically adapted to the West Africa Sub-region. They are Oba 98, Oba 99 and Obafemi. The first two i.e. Oba 98 and Oba 99 were registered as Quality Protein Maize (QPM) hybrids, having been noted for high lysine and tryptophan content. Other maize hybrids recently nominated for release are ; Oba Super-3 and Oba Super-5 (high yielding white hybrids), Oba Super-4 and Oba Super-6 (high yielding yellow hybrids) and Oba Super-7 and Oba Super-9 (striga resistant Hybrids).

Genetic improvement continues on older varieties leading to new versions of Oba Super-1 and Oba Super-2 as well as yellow type of Quality Protein Maize (QPM) that will go on-farm testing with farmers, in collaboration with National and International Research Institutes, NGO, particularly SG2000, where the farmers have been using our seeds over the years.


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