Seeding Nigeria To Feed The Nation
Chikaji Industrial Estate, Zaria
Mon-Sat: 08:00 - 17:00

We have high capacity Processing Plant with a new one under construction to further enhance our capacity. The plant cleans grades and treats seeds with fungicides and insecticides for the market, suitably packaged and in grades adapted for hand or machine planting.

  • Annual production capacity is over 2,500 metric tonnes of certified seed of maize hybrid & OPVs through well organized out-growers scheme.
  • Our Processing & packaging capacity  is 20 tonnes/hour through 4 processing plants delivering about 4 tonnes/hour each
  • The ultra modern processing plants are mobile detachable and consist of different functional parts with specific operations
  • There is also an old but modernized processing plant (Cater day processing plant) with a processing capacity of 5 tonnes/hour

The raw seed are processed using the different ultra modern processing plants

Two sets of processing are usually carried out:

Processing for storage

  • Cleaning and treatment

   Processing for sales

Cleaning, grading, sorting, treatment and packaging



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