Seeding Nigeria To Feed The Nation
Chikaji Industrial Estate, Zaria
Mon-Sat: 08:00 - 17:00

The responsibility of selling seeds is vested in the Marketing Department, which presently operates Sales Offices across Nigeria. The task of selling seeds is achieved through a net-work of Distributorship System where our target is to establish at least three in each of the 774 Local Government Areas. Thus our seeds are sold in all the States of Nigeria. Annex 3 shows sales to the States in Nigeria for the past three years.

After-sales visits are provided to our customers by a team made up of Research, Production and Marketing staff of the various units. During the visits, interactive sessions are usually held with farmers and managers of large scale farms, issues that will enhance higher productivity are discussed, including soil testing and analysis, appropriate use of fertilizer and its application, adequate weed control measures, timeliness of planting, use of optimum plant population etc.